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Black Power Raised Fist Peaceful Protest Necklace

Black Power Raised Fist Peaceful Protest Necklace

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Newly released for our 2020 Peaceful Protest Collection, this piece has been lovingly handcrafted by Jo.

This pendant is constructed with a black fist graphic with the words, "Black Power." This image is bonded under a flexible transparent topper, rose gold chain, & a rose gold bevel setting.

This necklace was designed out of respect for the loss of Mr. Floyd, and all the victims of violence and death at the hands of unchecked police. We understand this country was born out of social unrest and the call for government and societal change. Please stay peaceful, use your voice for those whose voices have been silenced for so long because of the color of their skin, gender, who they love, or where they were born. Let's all try to respect each other's perspectives. It's the only way to begin to create change.

1" cabochon; 24 inch rose gold chain (unless you request otherwise;) lead & nickel free; hypoallergenic; complimentary gift with purchase.

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