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Egyptian Ankh Fertility Beaded Chainmail Necklace

Egyptian Ankh Fertility Beaded Chainmail Necklace

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Newly crafted for the Global Tour Collection from Shopatluxe, our Egyptian Ankh Fertility Beaded Chainmail Necklace is a statement piece you won't forget! 

The chain is constructed of a 30 inch, fine hand beaded chainmail style necklace, with high shine glass pearl beads woven throughout.. The Antique Bronze Ankh Pendant measures 43 mm x 19 mm. Embellished Toggle Hook & Eye Closure.

Ideal for everyday luxe wear; can be layered with other necklaces. Complimentary gift with every order from Shopatluxe!

Background: The Egyptians held the belief that one's earthly journey made up only one part of eternal life; the ankh is a hieroglyphic symbol that represented both one's mortal existence as well as the afterlife. Offering an antique and vintage appeal, this ankh pendant is made from a strong zinc alloy material. It is available in a rustic bronze or antique silver finish. Although the pendant itself features a simple clean-cut design, the front of the pendant is lightly engraved with other Egyptian figures. The top loop carries an owl while the middle has a wave-like carving that spans the entire horizontal beam. At the bottom of the pendant, a figure of an Egyptian man is also clearly etched on.

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