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GET WAVEY Vegan Candle

GET WAVEY Vegan Candle

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Candle Jar Style

Get Wavy is the perfect party candle! Infused with coconut, hemp seed and other essential oils. Beautifully hand poured into a repurposed glass jar (from Bath and Body Works.) Inspired by the song, "Wavy," by CLIQ! 

Fragrance notes: Get Wavy (Booty Call Type) is a super powerful pheromone perfume oil to attract women. Clean top notes of bergamot followed by mid notes of floral and pepper with a sensual backend with notes of hard wood. Infused with hemp seed, coconut and other essential oils. All candles are made in Michigan and include a complimentary gift. Very sexy. Very you.

Our candles are infused with hemp seed, coconut and other essential oils. We offer hand poured vegan candles in your choice of a 16 Ounce 3 Wick Candle, Luxury Candle, Single Wick Candle, Travel Candle OR Sultry Wax Melts. Prices vary with each size. DETAILS: Natural hemp braided wick. Burn Time: varies with size | Shipping Weight: up to 3 pounds.

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