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Scentsationals Truck Collection - Scented Wax Warmer - Travel Wax Cube Melter & Burner - Electric Fragrance Home Air Freshener Gift (Red)

Scentsationals Truck Collection - Scented Wax Warmer - Travel Wax Cube Melter & Burner - Electric Fragrance Home Air Freshener Gift (Red)

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Truck Collection

Add to the décor of your home, and create a cozy atmosphere. Perfect for adding warmth and fragrance to any space.

Simple to Use:

  1. Ensure hot plate in truck bed is fitting properly.
  2. Select from a variety of fragrant wax cubes, and place 1-2 in the dish (wax cubes sold separately).
  3. Plug the warmer into a 120VAC electrical outlet, and turn the warmer on.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy long-lasting fragrance.





Fun & Functional

Add a bit of personality to your home with a truck wax warmer! Use wax cubes to experience aromatic bliss in any space.

Adds Warmth

Perfect for the colder seasons, our wax warmers offer light and warmth to make your home cozy.

A Variety of Scents

From Perfect Pine to Warm Fireplace, ScentSationals has all of the scents to suit your mood and add to the season.

The Ideal Gift

Make your loved one's day special by giving a wax warmer as a present. Feel the warmth, inside and out!

Red Truck Anchorage Wax Warmer Retro Wax Warmer Christmas Waxes
Holiday Accent Warmers Edison Collection Holiday Warmers Holiday Waxes
Timeless Decor
Uses Light Bulb
Wide Variety of Scents
  • TIMELESS DECOR - Our Truck Collection of wax warmers features a variety of colors that will satisfy any auto lover. Accent your home to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • AMAZING FRAGRANCES - ScentSationals is the leader in wax warmers and wax melts. Choose from hundreds of different scents of waxes to use with your new wax burner. ScentSationals scented wax fragrance families include; Fresh, Floral, Wood, Fruit, Bakery and Spice. (Wax cubes sold separately)
  • HEAT PLATE - Our wax warmers do not use open flames or have soot residue. It's an easy-to-use and clean heat source. They connect to a standard outlet with a 120 volt cord and have an on/off dial to easily operate. The heat plate heats up faster than the average light bulb, making the wax melting process quicker. As the wax melts, fragrances will fill the room.
  • EASY CLEANUP & REUSE - There are multiple ways to clean wax warmers to prepare for a new wax cube. 1) Cotton Ball Method: Add cotton balls to soak up majority of the wax, turn off and wait until wax cools, then throw away cotton balls and wipe down hot plate. 2) Soft Wax Method: Let wax cool, turn on warmer for 2-3 minutes, then remove softened wax.
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMERS - ScentSationals has had millions of satisfied customers. Each wax burner that we have goes through multiple extensive tests to ensure safety and quality. If you're looking to freshen up your home, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or any other rooms in your house, this is your top solution.
Brand Scentsationals
Color Red
Scent Floral,Fresh,Fruit,Scented,Spice
Material Ceramic
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