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Surprise Me! Vegan Candle

Surprise Me! Vegan Candle

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Surprise Me Vegan Candle

Love candles and surprises? This candle is the perfect gift for you! Sultry Club Candles feature vegan wax, repurposed vessels and are cruelty free. 100% soy, coconut and hemp, 8 ounce, clean scent candles, this is the perfect set for anyone who can't decide which scent they want but know they want amazing candles. If you have a favorite scent or two, or fragrances you tend to not like, such as sweet or woodsy scents, just leave a comment and we will do our best to recreate it just for you! Remember, we always include a free gift with each purchase! If your item is damaged during shipment, please contact us and we will gladly work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Thank you for your understanding.

Because your luxury candle is custom made, you’ll enjoy the wafting throw only soy wax can provide. Enjoy the beauty of hand poured candles from the Sultry Club. You can always count on Sultry Club to bring only the highest quality, and our Boutique Candles are no exception! We are currently finishing our candle collection.

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