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Wine And Dine Cabernet Sauvignon Boutique Candle

Wine And Dine Cabernet Sauvignon Boutique Candle

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Our new Wine And Dine Boutique Candle is a limited edition, Cabernet Sauvignon fragrance, infused with Grape seed, Hemp seed oil and essential oils. Because your candle is custom made, you’ll enjoy the wafting throw only soy wax can provide. Enjoy the beauty of hand poured candles from the Sultry Club. Beautifully hand poured into a repurposed ceramic jar from a thrift shop in Michigan.

Fragrance Notes: Grapes. Pinot Noir grapes. Pink Pepper. Cassis. Musk.

DETAILS: Natural cotton braided wicks. Burn Time: Approx. 35 hours | Shipping Weight: 1 pound, 4 ounces.

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